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Exploring how to create a meaningful life in this rapidly changing world

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We're hiring an intern!! 💃
over 2 years ago – Mon, Jan 20, 2020 at 06:28:45 PM

Hi everyone!!

Very quick update: We are hiring a part-time, paid intern! I am SO excited. If you, our backers, have friends or mentees who would be perfect for this, then we'd love to hire someone who's already connected to this community.

The job listing is here:

Important details:
- Compensation is $15.59 per hour
- We’re assuming 20 hours per week, but are potentially open to other amounts of time
- We are based in the Bay Area, so Bay Area applicants are preferred because then we can sometimes co-work in person. We will also consider applicants in New York City. (Sidenote: We received a question about Los Angeles! If an awesome applicant can make a case for another city — like LA — then we suspect we could be convinced.  :) )
- We are hiring ASAP and will start reviewing applications on Monday, January 27th.

If you like sharing on social media, then we have a tweet that is ripe for retweeting and also a Facebook post. And again, the listing is here:

More soon!



🖋️ You've Got Surveys! 🖋️🎁🎁🎁
over 2 years ago – Fri, Nov 29, 2019 at 02:27:55 AM

Hellooo everyone!!

The Kickstarter money has been fully processed and sent to our bank account, so now it's time for...  🌠 SURVEYS!!! 🌠 :wild screaming:

We need to get your info so we can send your postcards, magazines, etc. Plus, we'd love to get your opinions and stuff! Therefore, we are using software called BackerKit to send surveys to all our Kickstarter backers. 

This is the first time we've used BackerKit. If you notice ANY irregularities in the surveys, please message me over Kickstarter, or at (We are also maintaining a BackerKit FAQ for The New Modality, and we will keep that updated when new questions come in.)

You should receive your backer survey through BackerKit today, November 29th. If you don't receive it, then you should be able to get it re-emailed by visiting this link:

Also: If you have friends who wanted to back us, but who tragically didn't get the chance — there is hope! BackerKit ALSO gives us an online pre-order store for the Kickstarter rewards that didn't sell out. (This includes some really neat limited edition rewards, like the unique private Dandelion Chocolate tour; several Salons; Burning Man archival photo prints; The Battery event; etc.) For those of us still shopping for gifts, there is great stuff in there, and it's all donated by our amazing community so that proceeds go directly to The New Modality.  🎁🎁🎁

So: If you have friends who still want to back The New Modality, then unbreak their hearts and send them to our brand-new pre-order store.

As a final note, I heard that some of our backers didn't realize we already have a website for The New Modality. Indeed, we launched the website on the very same day as the Kickstarter! It's live at, and you can read some of our earliest articles there.

Yaaaay!!!  Thanks again!



Yay :) 😻 🌈
over 2 years ago – Thu, Nov 14, 2019 at 07:11:59 AM

Well, that was something :)

We hit our stretch goal of $35k with literally THREE MINUTES to go before the end of our campaign!

We were doing a livestream at the time... and if you would like to see the EXACT MOMENT we hit our stretch goal, then I recommend skipping to 53:15 and watching this video from that moment:


In the meantime, Kickstarter says "there's a 14-day window for reviewing, collecting, and processing pledges." During that time there could be credit card problems, etc. — we need to wait and make sure all the money is properly processed. So sit tight! We will soon send around surveys and other mechanisms to get your information so we can send you your awesome rewards. 

We'll also be talking to philanthropists about end-of-year grants and stuff. If you know anyone who might want to make tax-deductible donations (or who has a donation-matching program at their workplace — Google has one of these, for example), then please let us know! We can still receive tax-deductible donations through our nonprofit partner and we'd be extremely excited to do so.

Now we need a nap (or at least, I do!). Thank you all SO MUCH, again!!! 🌈🌈🌈



over 2 years ago – Wed, Nov 13, 2019 at 03:30:26 AM


Did you say you want NEW REWARDS??  💥 Well, WE GOT NEW REWARDS! 💥


  • Legendary culture-jamming artist John Law, who co-founded the Cacophony Society and also Burning Man, is offering our backers a Tribune Tower Exploration Tour in Oakland. He'll take you up on the roof and tell you about the building's history, and you can ask him anything. (This reward is $40, or $60 if you also want to get a copy of The New Modality Issue 1.)
  • Political science researcher Samo Burja, whose research is all about understanding the foundations of healthy human societies, is offering our backers an Institutions & Culture Salon. How is culture shaped by institutions — like art museums today, for example? Or like the Catholic Church throughout much of history? Samo will give a short presentation and then we'll have a conversation and mixer here in San Francisco. (This reward is also $40, or $60 if you want to include a copy of The New Modality Issue 1.)
  • Therapist Valerie Beltrán, who you may recognize as a former organizer with Consciousness Hacking, is offering our backers a Polyamory & Therapy Salon. What are common questions that polyamorists bring to therapy? What are different perspectives that therapists take on polyamory? Valerie will give a short presentation and then we'll have a conversation and mixer here in San Francisco. (This reward is also $40, or $60 if you want to include a copy of The New Modality Issue 1.)
  • Also, please note: we're almost out of slots for the Art & Money Salon, which was the very first salon we listed, courtesy of Benjamin Wachs.

Are you freaking out because you want to get ALL THE REWARDS? I KNOW THE FEELING. Don't despair:

  • If you back us at $1,000 or higher, then all our Salons and Tours are included in your reward (except the Dandelion Chocolate Visit — there's only one of those). 
  • And, remember: you can add a Three-Issue Subscription to any Kickstarter pledge by adding $90 to your pledge amount, and/or you can add a Limited Edition NewMo T-shirt by adding another $50. (So if you want to get a Salon and also a Subscription, you can buy the Salon reward but pledge $130 instead of just $40. Or if you want a Salon, plus Subscription, plus Shirt, then you can pledge the Salon on Kickstarter and pledge $180.)

Depending on what happens over the next 15 hours, we may be able to offer some of these events as add-ons with separate tickets after the campaign is over. But we might not... so if you really want one, you might want to go for it :)



NEW REWARD: 🍫 ONE Private Visit to Dandelion Chocolate Factory 🍫
over 2 years ago – Tue, Nov 12, 2019 at 06:47:08 PM

Hi again!

Here's an awesome and unique thing for chocolate lovers: We are offering ONE PRIVATE VIP VISIT to the San Francisco factory of Dandelion Chocolate, for $350.

Whoever gets this reward can have the chocolate factory visit all to themselves, OR they can bring up to 10 people. If you get this tour, you will be personally guided by power couple Elaine Wherry and Todd Masonis, co-creators of Dandelion. Todd and Elaine have also generously offered to include a chocolate tasting during the visit. 

Dandelion doesn't normally offer private visits guided by a founder, so this is a special opportunity. We are proud to partner with this chocolate maker because their chocolate is delicious AND because they work hard to be transparent and sustainable — so this reward is especially great for anyone who cares about ethical chocolate. 

This chocolate factory visit — plus a copy of The New Modality, Issue 1 — is yours if you grab the singular $350 Private VIP Visit to Dandelion Chocolate, listed now in our Kickstarter campaign.

(Remember: you can ALSO add a Three-Issue Subscription to any Kickstarter pledge by adding $90 to your pledge amount, and/or you can add a Limited Edition NewMo T-shirt by adding another $50.)

Thank you so much, Todd and Elaine! Learn more about these two in their Catalyst profiles on The New Modality website: here's Todd and here's Elaine.

More to come!